Crucial Keys to Aid Your Understanding of Anxiety with a focus on



The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Workshop

“Crucial Keys to Aid Your Understanding

of  ANXIETY with a focus on PTSD”

is  due out Late 2024

Only US~$47

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Drug-Free Mental Wellbeing 

Background Story to the Workshop

Not so long ago I experienced the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of PTSD.

As is often the case, it was due to the Bad and the Ugly that The Good emerged in the form of this forthcoming workshop, plus the first two books in my True Stories series, and the “Summary of 17 Crucial Keys to Remember About PTSD” that you can immediately download. Just fill in the above form.

The Bad?

The Bad was a very negative reaction following a common medical procedure that re-ignited a very traumatic event that I lived through way back in 1976. An event that had basically been locked away, benignly, in my brain since that time.

The Ugly?

But The Ugly was the most unbelievable and bizarre series of extremely traumatic legal events culminating in my totally unjust arrest. The arrest in itself was yet another very traumatic event with significant on-going psychological effects.

The man behind all of those bizarre legal events, including the arrest, was arguably a closet PTSD sufferer.

During that period I was treated in an appalling way by many court officials, and all too many members of the medical and legal communities. Their denigrating comments to me and actions towards me were born of their total ignorance of what PTSD is all about.

The Good?

As I said above, that ignorance led to the good in the form of me updating the first book in my True Story Series, Brainwashed: The True Story of Psychological Domestic Abuse and the PTSD Aftermath, go on to write the second book in the series, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Anxiety with a focus on PTSD: The True Story of the Day I was Arrested, and then put together this workshop, “Crucial Keys to Aid Your Understanding of ANXIETY with a focus on PTSD.”

And early in 2025, I plan to have an online program ready called “Drug-Free Mental Wellbeing”, a great passion of mine.

So, in essence, my reason for developing the workshop is threefold:

    1. To help address the general ignorance about PTSD found in the community, especially those in the legal, medical, and coaching communities.
    2. I kept reading on social media and seeing and hearing on TV and the radio, comments from people with PTSD. And the most common comment was that they didn’t quite understand what PTSD was all about.
    3. Another common feature I was seeing was that so many of these PTS sufferers were not always as financially well off as they could be. So I decided to make the workshop available on-line, 24/7, for a price that virtually anyone could afford, only $US47.

The workshop is my contribution to community understanding

Workshop Details 

As the design, writing, and production of the workshop evolves, I’ll add more information.


      • The workshop is an expanded, more detailed, and more transformational form of my Brainwashed book’s Chapter 24— Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), explaining what PTSD actually is and what it entails.
      • The workshop will contain a number of different modules with a range of examples of what different people are experiencing—the good, the bad, and the ugly
      • Some real-life stories
      • Typical forms of treatment and issues to watch out for that your doctor might not mention to you
      • I’ll also introduce you to many very safe and transformational cutting-edge natural therapies, exercises, and activities that can help healing. These exercises clearly demonstrate that there is indeed a GOOD-side to PTSD, including Post-Traumatic Growth, exercises and activities that will give you better Physical Health as well as better Mental Health, and some of the Keys to Happiness.
      • Yet another very important feature of the workshop is that I frequently direct what I’m saying, not just to PTS sufferers, but also to the friends, family, and those who have a professional connection to PTSD sufferers, in a bid to aid community understanding.
      • The workshop will be available on-line, 24/7, for only $US 47. So fill in the form above so I can let you know about the launch date, and also the launch DISCOUNT.

Moving Forward Starts with COURAGE

PTSD Related Books


Focing on Childhood Conditioning, Domestic Abuse & Vital PTSD Keys

In Brainwashed, my wry sense of humour occasionally appears as I use over forty years of Behavioural Science research to overtly explain my extraordinary life of psychological abuse and why people stay in abusive relationships, and most importantly its devastating PTSD aftermath.

I also share the serendipitous source of my most significant transformation that gave me the strength to escape my most abusive marriage. This was also the unlikely source of my spiritual journey, which has kept me going through the really tough times ever since.

My story is true for more people than we realise. Yet sadly, like me, all too often the victim/survivors of psychological abuse don’t even realise they’ve been abused.

 The True Story Series ~ Book 2

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Anxiety and PTSD:

The True Story of the Day I was Arrested

Due out Late-2024

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